Matt pittroff

Matt Pittroff, Director/Managing Partner, founded Workingstiff in 2004 with a goal of creating a production company that honored the process as much as the product and cultivated new relationships, nurturing them into long standing ones. His mastery of storytelling and unwavering eye for the details create a distinctive yet undeniably accessible brand of humor. With uncanny problem solving skills and innate flexibility, Pittroff turns challenges into exhilarating and oftentimes absurd, comedic adventures. Once described as having “just the right amount of OCD,” the smallest details tangibly elevate the work to another level.


Steve has produced over 200 commercials for broadcast TV and online creative content after coming up through the production ranks. He’s worked with celebrity talent, little kids and almost every animal you see at the zoo. In the desert and underwater, from Whistler mountain to a basement in Baltimore, from NY to LA, Steve cut his teeth in production in the trenches, on the front line, and all behind the camera.


At the forefront of our new business engine, she balances oversight of initiatives from conception to completion; a many-faceted role that centers around creating relationships and comfy environments where clients and creatives can thrive. An innovative thinker, Brenna brings vast experience from having serviced all content needs for the largest organic food brands, automotive manufacturers and collegiate football programs.